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Freedom From Bondage!

Freedom is a word that we hear a lot. There is freedom from slavery, freedom from fears, freedom from bondage and freedom from addictions, just to name a few. We fight for our freedom. In the United States we enjoy our freedom to live where we want, go where we want and do what we want within the laws of the land, but the freedom I would like to discuss today is, freedom from bondage.  What is bondage and how do we gain freedom from it?  In order to break free from something, you first of all need to know what “It” is and what it means to you.


Webster’s defines the word bondage as “a state of being bound usually by compulsion (as of law or mastery): as captivity, serfdom”.

To break free from something you also need to realize it is a bondage for you.


Several years ago my husband and I left the traditional Christian church and started on a journey of studying the Hebrew Roots of our faith. We began learning about Yeshua (Jesus) and that He was born Jewish, lived a Jewish life style and died and rose again as a Jew.He was raised by his parents to study the Torah (First Five Books In The Bible). In Yeshua’s time the Torah, the Prophets, Psalms and Proverbs or the part of the bible that is called the Tanakh was all they had. We believe that we are to follow the teachings of Yeshua, not what has been changed by man. We believe the seventh day is the Sabbath and that there are feasts and festivals that have meaning and signs that we need to be aware of and observe. One thing that we have found through our journey is that people think that we are in bondage. How can you follow all these rules and regulations?  I have to chuckle when I hear this because we have never felt more free.


While we were still regularly attending a church, we often wondered about some of the traditional practices churches observed and noticed the blatant absence of any mentioning of these practices in our bibles. When confronted about these obvious discrepancies, church leaders will reply,” that’s how we’ve always done it! It’s the Christian way, Don’t rock the boat!” After our exodus from ‘churchdom’, we began to study the bible through the eyes of our Jewish rabbi, Yeshua. We found that a lot of these practices and traditions of men were either misinterpretations of biblical festivals and holidays or had no root in the holy scriptures and actually draw from pagan rituals. We were under bondage, believing and doing what man taught and never questioning them.


What some christian people think to be bondage has actually become a totally freeing time for us.


We have found that following Yeshua and his ways has brought blessings upon us that we cannot explain in the natural.  When we first started celebrating the Sabbath on the Sabbath, we saw immediate blessings.  I know what you may be thinking.  How much money did you get?  Blessings come in more ways than money.  We found that when you do things the way Adonai (God) meant for them to be done, blessings naturally come. We had to make the choice. I would encourage you to read Deuteronomy 28.  Read the whole chapter including the first line which says, “If you listen closely to what Adonai your God says, observing and obeying all his mitzvot (commands) which I am giving you today.  Adonai your God will raise you high above all the nations of the earth; and all the following blessings will be yours in abundance-if you will do what Adonai your God says”. You can’t leave out this part of scripture.  It is important for you if you want the blessings. More importantly, If you love Him, you will want to keep his commandments.


To us, obeying His instructions is true freedom, freedom from man-made laws.  I encourage you to seek things out for yourself, do not let a man tell you something without first finding it in the scriptures.  Don’t be afraid that people may laugh at you or shun you, because they will. I think this comes from fear; fear of the unknown. Remember they aren’t the ones who determine your future. You are! Yes you! You choose this day, life or death, blessings or curses.(Deuteronomy 30:19) Study the scriptures to show yourself approved.


I love how one teacher we listen to ends his video teachings and that is how I am going to end this message.


Go home and read your bible!






Zach Bauer’s site for great messianic teaching. Referenced above